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Bark Hollywood 15: The Bark Hollywood Team zeros in on the absurdities in the World of Entertainment and as they offer up apocalyptic comments on: Paris Hilton v Kim Kardashian, Seth Rogan as an action hero in the upcoming film, The Green Lantern, Michelle Obama as The Hottest First Lady and the New Age News Machine, Twitter.


Episode 14: The Bark Hollywood Team offers up 10:00 Prime Time/Rating-Grabbing Shows to NBC since the Jay Leno/Conan OBrien Shake-Up. The list includes Celebrity Doggies Gone Wild, Kathy Griffin, Outspoken Celebs Banished to Remote Islands, Pup Flicks and a Sniffing Oscar Bound Reporter!


In this edition of ITs TODDs SHOW - Bark Hollywood focuses on The GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS including Meryl Streep, the movie Precious, Sandra Bullock and, Mariah Carey, and Zak G.from The Hangover and more. In this the first installment of TODDs SHUFFLE - Todd has a Internet Connection/Blind Date with a...

Bark Hollywood - Episode 12

Evan barks out on Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, Sarah Palin, Adam Lambert, Meredith Baxter.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 11

Evan barks out on Holiday Movie Remakes including Lady GaGa, Jim Carrey, Larry David, Alf.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 10

Evan barks out on Tara Reid, Mike Tyson, Rosie ODonnell.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 9

Evan Barks out on: Mario Lopez, Levi Johnson & Pamela Anderson.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 8

Evans Top 5 Great Dames List for the Holiday Season include: Oprah, Wanda Sykes, Kathy Griffin, Ellen and Joy Behar.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 7

Evan Barks Out at A-Rod, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Paris Hilton.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 6

Evan Barks Out on: Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Gosselin, Octo-Mom, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Suze Orman.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 5

Evans Creepy Celeb Halloween Bark Out includes: Courtney Cox, Jon Gosselin, Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, Twilight and more!

Bark Hollywood Episode 4

Evan Barks Out on Mylie Cyrus, David Letterman, Avril Livigne, Donald Trump & Eleen Degeneres

Bark Hollywood - Episode 3

Evan Barks Out on Michael Vick & Nike, Octo-Mom, Polanski. The Soup and Justin Timberlake. Rrrruff!

Bark Hollywood - Episode 2

A celebrity obsessed rescue mutt zeros in on all things pup-centric in the entertainment world and pop culture. THIS WEEK, EVAN BARKS OUT ON KATHY GRIFFIN, JANE LYNCH AND MS'S PUP, FRANCESCA.

Bark Hollywood - Episode 1

A celebrity obsessed mutt zeros in on all things pup-centric in the entertainment world and pop culture.