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Singing Chihuahua

American Idol goes to the dogs.


Mortified Mutt tries to pass as Jack Sparrow.

Regal Chihauahua

Who does she think she is?

Amber Does The Worm

Amber Does The Worm


Summer Santa Dog Lashes Out: Ho, Ho, NO!


Aw geez make it stop.

Singing Chihuahua

American Idol goes to the dogs.



Lobster Dog

Watch out for that stick of butter!


FINALLY! Mortified Dog Revolts at Pet Costume Show!

Dueling Bassets


Dog Exercise In Front Of The TV

Dog Exercises while watching a fitness TV show. Don't forget to vote at: shaveh.co.il... Dog Fitness exercise

rabbit/dog love

Pancake trying to hump Charlie's head.... MVI 0613

Pug Head Tilt X 4

If three pugs tilting their heads is cute, then FOUR pugs tilting their heads is even cuter! Simple math I'd say. Minnie, Mabel and Max welcome Monte to the party!... Pug Head Tilt Pet dog funny

Pug Falls in Toilet

I wanted to snag her up out of that toilet immediately but I thought this was too priceless not to videotape, not to mention I don't think she'll ever do it again :) lol! Seriously guys.. don't leave the toilet seat up!! Especially if your pug is used to hopping up onto it while you...

Funny Dog that sneezes when told to

This is a cute and funny clip. She is a very smart Shih Tzu... very funny dog Dogs Funny crazy cute pets tricks humor silly shih tzu amazing cool Animals animal fun laugh

The Blues Dog

For more info, visit ihasahotdog.com View the original here www.youtube.com... Hotdog Cheezburger Dog Videos Funny Cute Animals Pets

gus gets a new pool

2 year-old bulldog gus having a great time in his new pool on a hot july afternoon.... bulldog puppy pool

English bulldog puppies talking in their sleep

More @ www.cutebreak.com - Aww, their little paws are moving. Original from here www.youtube.com... bulldog "baby bulldog" "english bulldog" sleeping puppies

dobry monta signora anziana

il mio cane ha mntato una signora anziana bellissimo ! gurdatelo... divertente